Holiday “How It’s Made”

Shredded wheat closeup. Photo by Nick Saltmarsh via Flickr

One of the things J and I did this holiday weekend was take in some guilty-pleasure cable TV. At home we don’t have cable, so we mostly rely on over-the-air TiVo recordings, Hulu, and network’s websites. Tonight, though, we got to watch some recent episodes of the great show How It’s Made that included such food and food-related items as shredded wheat, canned tomatoes, and even garden forks.

Watching some products get made can be a bit boring, especially when you just get to watch workers essentially assemble pre-made components. But we saw some cool ones tonight, and now that I’ve been reminded just how great this show can be at revealing to consumers the processes behind things we often take for granted, I’m looking forward to catching up on episodes on Netflix, which currently has seasons 1 through 8 available.

You can also catch a wide variety of clips at the show’s website, including a “food and drink” playlist that includes apple pie, bacon, pineapple, wine, and a whole lot more. If you haven’t ever watched this show, check it out!


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