The Wildflower Cafe

For our last meal in Cincinnati this past weekend, our friend suggested we check out The Wildflower Cafe up in Mason, since it sounded right up my alley. Here’s how their website describes their approach:

The Wildflower Cafe is a family owned and operated Cafe in Downtown Mason, Ohio.  We feature the freshest and purest ingredients available, in a creative and unique style.  Most of our food and drink are locally sourced and/or organic, all of which are delicious.  Our goal is to serve the best food and drink we can, while minimizing our impact on the environment, and helping to generate a sustainable local food economy.  We encourage consumers to ask; where their food came from, what occurred during it’s production, and what purpose it serves for our bodies.  We are a proud independent businesses, and strive to be entirely different from all the chains.

J and our friend each had their award-winning Webb Valley Farm Burger: “Our own Grass-fed Beef, served on a Blue Oven English Muffin, with double smoked bacon & fresh herb aioli.” As you can see in the pic, J chose southern-style collard greens for his side. Our friend had coconut squash soup as a starter, which he declared to be a contender for the best soup he’d ever had in his entire life. Happily, the rest of the meal was also pretty darn amazing. My Organic Valley pork ribs were so flavorful that they are served with a spice rub and no sauce; some were a little overcharred for my taste, but they were really great, as were the collard greens. For dessert, J had the second-to-last slice of a banana torte while our friend and I shared a gigantic piece of perfectly prepared bread pudding. The biggest surprise of the night: they had my favorite beer (the Flemish Red Ale, Duchesse de Bourgogne) ON TAP!

It was a hike to get there (30+ minute drive each way), but the food was wonderful, the old-farmhouse setting charming and relaxed, and the service attentive but down-to-earth. I suspect we will be back again, especially since I’m eager to try the pasture-raised chicken baked in a puff pastry that we saw being served at some nearby tables.

One tip: They have very few tables in the restaurant, so if you go, do heed their advice and call ahead to make a reservation. They’re reportedly open for lunch (11a-2p) and dinner (5:30-9p), Tuesday through Saturday.


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