Jinja Ninja from Vintage Brewing (on tap at The Brass Ring)

Vintage Brewing Co.’s Jinja Ninja

Today J and I joined some friends for lunch at The Brass Ring. I’d shot pool and drunk beer there before but never had a meal, so I was afraid that my conscientious omnivorism might leave me with nothing but French fries and onion rings to choose from. The menu (PDF), though, had a surprising number of vegetarian and “good” meat options, ranging from the black bean burger that I had (hold the cheese, add guac) to grass-fed buffalo burgers.

The tastiest thing about lunch, though, was the Madison-brewed Jinja Ninja beer that I had. (You can see in the background of the pic that J had Lake Louie’s Warped Speed Scotch Ale.)

Here’s how Vintage Brewing describes the Jinja Ninja: “Never heard of a spelt-based, gingerlaced amber double witbier?! (That’s because we just made it up.) Chock full of ancient grain wisdom and armed with a zesty fresh ginger kick, Jinja Ninja is here to vanquish the foe – beer boredom!”

With wheat beers one of my favorite styles, and as a huge fan of ginger (not to mention spelt!), this one was right up my alley. I agree with the take of Peter Hunt at OverServed, who called it “very complex and refreshing.” Some folks might find the ginger a bit much, but I thought it was great and surprisingly well-balanced for how gingery it was. I really enjoyed it and hope that I come across this specialty brew again before it’s all gone.



  1. Scott

    Thanks for the review! JInja Ninja is getting one last hurrah THIS WEEKEND at the Great Taste of the Midwest beer festival, and also on tap at our Whitney Way brewpub…but only until the last 2 kegs are gone. This was a really well-received “one-off” beer for us, and it seems likely we’ll move Jinja Ninja into an early Spring regular seasonal rotation. SM- Vintage brewer

    • Todd Ingram

      Thanks, Scott — for the comment, for the heads up about the current availability, and for the tantalizing news that the Jinja Ninja may return to fight another day! And, of course, thanks as always for making such great beer …

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