Lakefront Brewery’s Wisconsinite

On a warm Madison evening at Sundance Cinema’s rooftop bar, nothing hits the spot like cold local beer on tap. On the left, Lakefront Brewery’s latest, the 100% Badger State Wisconsinite; on the right, Furthermore Beer’s beast of a Belgian, Fatty Boombalatty. Photo by The Conscientious Omnivore (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Last night J and I did some suit shopping at Hilldale Mall for a wedding of some close friends later this year that we’re really looking forward to. Afterward, we headed upstairs to the rooftop bar at Sundance Cinemas here in Madison. I was very happy to learn that they had Wisconsinite on tap, since I hadn’t had a chance to try it yet. (J ordered and really liked Furthermore‘s Fatty Boombalatty.)

The latest offering from Milwaukee’s Lakefront Brewery, Wisconsinite is a Hefeweizen that’s made only with Wisconsin ingredients. Rich Rovito of Milwaukee’s The Business Journal reports that

The beer was created around a new native Wisconsin yeast strain envisioned by Lakefront president Russ Klisch and developed by Jeremy King of home brewing supplies distributor Northern Brewer. The new strain is believed be to the only North American-grown yeast in commercial use today as well as the first native brewing yeast from Wisconsin, according to Lakefront Brewery.

As detailed by Chris Drosner, the “Beer Baron” at the Wisconsin State Journal,

“Yeast is the final frontier for craft brewers,” said Lakefront President Russ Klisch. “It’s certainly what gives this beer such a distinct taste.” The other ingredients are worthy of its name as well, with malted barley from Milwaukee, wheat from Chilton and hops from Gorst Valley.

I really enjoyed the beer. It’s a fine Hef that gets a lot of bonus points for sourcing its ingredients so close to home. As Drosner describes,

Wisconsinite seems like a beer that can be all things to all people. Those who just want a good warm-weather beer can drink it quickly and be refreshed. Those who want to geek out can meticulously parse its delicate flavors — though they’re likely to shift into session mode after one glass. Those who want to celebrate the most Wisconsin beer in decades can get their local on. And those who want to be at what might be the cutting edge of an American yeast renaissance can taste the revolution.

For Drosner’s full article, including tasting notes, head here. And, as of June 29, you can also get another opinion here from Isthmus columnist Robin Shepard.



  1. vanessa

    I LOVE Lakefront. My friend’s mom used to have a condo right next to the brewery and some of my best summer memories are of taking the brewery tour along the river.

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