Three Kings and 3rd Wheel (plus 1 makes 3)

O’So Lupulin Maximus, i.e., not any of the beers mentioned here. But look at that head! Photo by Mitch J via Flickr.

As someone who enjoys local beer, I’m a big fan of Robin Shepard’s beer reviews over at Isthmus. He recently reviewed two new Wisconsin summer brews, so I thought I’d share.

First, check out his take on Three Kings Ale from Stevens Point Brewery (“light, crisp and bubbly, with a sharp earthy-malty accent that makes it well suited to warm weather drinking. There is a sweet musty bouquet that is a bit distracting, but it’s the sharp flavor that leaves a very clean and refreshing impression”).

Then see what he thought of 3rd Wheel Belgian blonde ale from O’so Brewing (“While I do enjoy the oaky accents to many beer styles, 3rd Wheel left me wondering what this beer would be like with just the tart quality of the rose hips and without the oak chips. Regardless, the bubbly yeastiness of the style comes through with a crisp, dry finish, which really makes this a beer to have hand for the summer ahead”).

Bonus: With Three Kings and 3rd Wheel, I felt like I really ought to link to a third review. So … why not see what Jason at the OverServed blog thought of Ale Asylum’s Bamboozleator, a Doppelbock that’s available only at the Ale Asylum taproom on Madison’s East side. Cheers!


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