Field trip: Sassy Cow Creamery

J and a friend and myself (that’s for you, JM!) had a really fun afternoon today out near the Dane and Columbia county line, where we joined Sassy Cow Creamery‘s celebration of June Dairy Month. We had a very informative tour of the creamery where they turn raw milk into cream, milk, cheese, and ice cream, and we visited the cows at home on the farm (a short bus ride from the creamery). They had great samples on offer, including various cheeses, curds, and butters. They were also soliciting feedback about their current test batch of low-fat chocolate milk, soon to be added to their product line; our friend noted on his comment card that this batch wasn’t sweet enough for his tastes. We sampled and picked up some delicious hand-pulled string cheese that Cesar’s Cheese makes on site with Sassy Cow milk, and of course we had ice cream! We all chose two flavors—everyone had the dark cherry and thought it was amazing, and the guys loved their orange chocolate chip as much as I loved my peanut butter fudge. We were so busy eating that I forgot to snap a pic of dessert, but trust me: it was fantastic!

As I mentioned here last week, Sassy Cow is hosting a few more events this summer, including an ice cream social in August. If you haven’t been out there, I highly recommend it! You can also find their milk and ice cream at a location near you.

And now, just a couple pics from our adventure:

If I remember right, the equipment in the foreground is where the milk gets pasteurized (as required by Wisconsin law) before getting homogenized.

Some of the cows were waiting to greet us when we got off the bus.



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