Photo by Velaia (ParisPeking), AKA Daniel N. Lang, via Flickr

On the heels of my recent post about Babcock ice cream, I thought I’d share another interesting article from grow, the magazine of the UW’s College of Agricultural and Life Sciences. This quick read offers “five things everyone should know about . . . quinoa,” the high-protein grain (that’s not really a grain) with a long history in the Americas. The list comes from Professor Irwin Goldman, chair of the Department of Horticulture and “the nation’s only publicly supported beet-breeder.”

I was especially struck by #4 on Goldman’s list: “Popularity brings problems. The new demand has been a boon for growers in Peru and Bolivia, who have seen prices for quinoa nearly triple over the past five years—but now fewer native consumers can afford it.” For more on this issue, check out two pieces—one from Annie Murphy for NPR,  the other from Simon Romero and Sara Shahriari for The New York Times.

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