The 2012 Farm Bill inches forward

Soybean Field, Perkins, IA 2005

Photo by inkknife_2000 (Don Graham) via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Last week the House of Representatives took a step toward enacting the 2012 Farm Bill. As Ron Nixon reports for The New York Times,

The first major overhaul of the nation’s nutrition and farm program is in jeopardy because of a split in the ranks of House Republicans over the degree of spending cuts, pitting conservatives who want deeper cuts against moderates and Democrats who think the bill goes far enough at a time of weak economic growth. After a late-night drafting session that ended early Thursday, the House Agriculture Committee easily approved a farm bill but House Republican leaders, fearing a divisive and messy intraparty floor fight, may want to hold off a floor vote until after the November elections to avoid being portrayed by conservatives as big government spenders who approved $969 billion in outlays over 10 years, and by liberals as the party that wants to virtually gut school lunch and food stamp programs.

Check out the full article here. Also take a look at this piece from Scott Neuman at NPR on “Why The Farm Bill’s Provisions Will Matter To You” and the Environmental Working Group’s list of the “Top Ten Reasons to Reject the House Farm Bill.”


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