Don’t call it vitamin water!

Photo by Paul Cheek via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

In a recent post, I mentioned Gosling’s efforts to protect its trademarked brand name for the dark-rum-and-ginger-beer cocktail known as a Dark ‘n Stormy. I was thus primed to be amused at Marion Nestle’s post about a letter she received from a law firm representing the Coca-Cola subsidiary that makes Vitamin Water. I mean, vitaminwater. Sorry, make that VITAMINWATER®. No wait, VITAMINWATER® enhanced water. Nestle had written about a class-action lawsuit against Coke for marketing these sugary beverages as health foods. (The law firm, though, couldn’t seem to keep straight which of her posts actually mentioned its client’s products.)

For the full post, including a link to the law firm’s entertaining letter (“When you use our client’s name correctly, you help protect the integrity of their innovative enhanced water product”), head to The Atlantic.


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