The inside story on New Glarus Raspberry Tart and Wisconsin Belgian Red

graduation present

Photo by Zervas (via Flickr), who writes: “Graduation present: I had a 12 pack of my favorite beer shipped out from Wisconsin. I know Portland is some kind of micro brew capital but for my money nothing beats the New Glarus Brewing Company. All their beers are great but this one is just magical.” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Isthmus just ran a nice piece from Robin Shepard on the beers produced by New Glarus Brewing Company in the Belgian Lambic style, including a photo set that features the 2,000-gallon oak barrels used to age the beers, as well as the bottling production line and wax station where each bottle is hand-dipped. As Shepard writes,

[R]ankings from beer websites like Beer Advocate put Wisconsin Belgian Red at #1 and Raspberry Tart at #2 in the fruit beer category (followed closely by the brewery’s Apple Ale at #6 and Enigma at #7), and the cherry has made the Draft Magazine‘s annual list of top 25 beers several times.

The raspberry and cherry are are the brewery’s most award-winning beers. The Wisconsin Belgian Red won Platinum in 1995 at the Beverage Tasting Institute’s World Beer Championships in Dublin, capturing the prize over many Belgian brewers, who gave New Glarus brewmaster Dan Carey the cold shoulder upon winning. “This was the first time we won an award with our beer,” says Carey, “the Belgian brewers wouldn’t even talk to us at the event.”

New Glarus is now preparing to increase production of its cherry and raspberry beers, and Carey has ideas for offering other brews in Belgian Lambic style.

Shepard’s piece makes for a good read (as usual), so for all the details and photos, head over to The Daily Page.


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