Madison loves the Bakers Window

Photo by The Conscientious Omnivore (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

I haven’t made it back to the Bakers Window in downtown Madison since I last raved about their apple pie (which, by the way, I’m not alone in thinking is “über-delicious”). Now, Stephanie Bedford’s recent piece at 77 Square has me hankering to stop by again.

She writes,

A peek inside on a recent visit revealed a selection of sweet cookies and danishes as well as individually-sized pies and quiches, all bronzed and buttery looking. While its baking is clearly Francophone in origin — baguettes and croissants abound — the ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible.

On our visit, Door County cherries were in abundant use….

Also irresistible was the individual-sized lemon crème tart, a coaster-sized dessert topped with thick whipped cream ($4.75). It’s a hallmark of the Window’s level of sophistication that the cream is not in a from-the-can rosette, or even a homely dollop, but a perfectly-formed quenelle, sprinkled with vibrant lavender. The lavender contributes its faint fragrance as much as its flavor.

While sweets are most likely to draw customers to The Baker’s Window, the savories are not to be overlooked, either.

Head here for Bedford’s full piece, and also check out this great recent article from André Darlington at Isthmus. Then, treat yourself to a trip to 122 State Street.


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