Sadly, Giornata already shuttered

Lindsay Christians reported yesterday that Giornata is not to be, at least not as originally conceived.

As I blogged about just a couple weeks ago when the restaurant’s opening was heralded by Christians, the Park Street Gotham Bagels was being transformed by Joe Gaglio of Gotham and Nick Johnson, formerly of 43 North, into a breakfast and lunch spot focused almost exclusively on locally sourced ingredients.

Alas, Christians’ latest update reveals the following: “Giornata left the St. Mary’s Hospital location a few days after opening. There was a conflict with the lease.” Exactly what that conflict was, and why the departure was so abrupt, is unspecified. As you can see in the screen shot that I grabbed, Giornata’s Facebook page simply stated on August 6 that “Due to unforeseen circumstances Giornata is closed…more info to come.” I guess this explains why, when J stopped by that very afternoon to check the place out, they appeared to be closed.

According to Christians, Johnson will be working on a new line of sandwiches for the original Gotham location, there are new catering plans in the works, and—most promisingly—”Gaglio hopes the hyper-local Giornata concept can find a place downtown in 2013.” Me too!

Thankfully, J got the same message when he stopped by the site again today (at my request; he was in the area, and I wanted to know if a closing notice with more detail was posted). J was told by Gaglio that “This is going to happen, just not here.” I wish them the best of luck relaunching Giornata!

J snapped this photo the afternoon of August 13, 2012, at the emptying site of the short-lived Giornata. The moving van reflected in the window isn’t an unfortunate but apt metaphor: furniture and equipment from the restaurant were actually being loaded onto the truck when J swung by. Photo by The Conscientious Omnivore (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)


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