You say tomato, I say yummy

Photo by advencap (Class V) via Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It’s tomato time! As Lindsay Christians wrote in an article for yesterday’s 77 Square,

Tomatoes may be the only plants in the garden that actually enjoyed the weather we’ve had this summer.

After a long, hot drought followed by inconsistent heavy rain, small farmers and chefs report a bumper crop of the juicy fruit. Some say they’re not only more plentiful, but also better tasting than last year.

“They’ve been sweeter and more intensely flavored, but smaller,” said Patricia Mulvey, who co-owns Local Thyme in Madison….

“We’re not seeing a lot of gigantic heirloom tomatoes — that’s probably because the lack of water and intense heat made them more intensely flavored and tight-packed,” said Mulvey, who also grows tomatoes in her backyard.

It’s a nice piece that includes the perspective of farmers and chefs alike on the bounty of the season. You might find some inspiration for ways to use these delicious veggie-like fruits, so check out the full piece here.

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