Mobile canning comes to small craft breweries

“‘I was aiming for cans,’ says Brian O’Connell, the chief beer officer at Denver’s Renegade Brewing, another Mobile Canning customer…. O’Connell says the cans are popular with outdoorsy types, because they can take them to national parks and other places where glass is banned.” Photo by MacKinnon Photography (Sean Buchan) via Flickr. (CC BY 2.0)

A couple weeks ago, NPR’s food blog featured a post from Ted Burnham about “canning factories on wheels” that are helping modestly sized breweries get their product out to customers:

Small brewers say canning services save them the cost of having to order cans by the thousands or find a place to store them all, plus the cost of equipment. And while bottles can be bought in smaller quantities, filling them by hand is time-consuming….

All three [currently operating outfits] use automated canning lines from Wild Goose Engineering, which include machines that clean, fill, seal and label the cans. They’re designed to be modular and easy to set up and break down. “Everything’s on wheels,” [Mobile Canning co-owner Pat] Hartman says, so the equipment can be unloaded and assembled in about 45 minutes. Canners also make the investment in bulk orders of blank cans to which breweries can affix their own labels.

For the full story, including plenty of links, head here.


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