There’s vodka in that pie crust, you betcha

I just stumbled upon this nice audio piece from Nora Hertel for The Daily Page that features Jeffrey Doyle-Horney and his award-winning pies. Music teacher by vocation and baker by avocation, Hertel reports that Doyle-Horney has been entering his pies into competition at the Stoughton Fair for five years, but his first foray into statewide competition came earlier this month. He “won ribbons in three out of nine classes in the pie division, including ‘first time pie entry,’ ‘pecan/nut pie,’ and ‘raspberry pie.’ His black raspberry pie, entered in the ‘first time’ class, took home the highest honor — best in the division.”

It’s a lovely piece, covering everything from the cash prizes that winning pies receive (hint: it could barely cover the cost of gas to drive to and from the fair!), to some of his baking tips, to the long line of male cooks in his family. Check out the audio below, then head to the Isthmus website for a few photos and Doyle-Horney’s recipe for raspberry lattice pie.

Picking wild black raspberries. Photo by Chiot’s Run (Susy Morris) via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)


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