Pluots: Get ’em before they’re gone

Pluot photo by QuintanaRoo (Emilie Hardman) via Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

With summer drawing to a close, stone fruits will soon be disappearing. It’s not too late, though, so get some while you still can.

J and I have become big fans of pluots. These plum–apricot hybrids are generally sweet, juicy, and—in my experience—easier to successfully select a good one than, say, peaches or nectarines. If you’re unfamiliar with the fruits, Slate ran a highly informative article about them a couple years ago.

As Chip Brantley wrote there, “So what exactly is a pluot? Seventy-five percent plum and 25 percent apricot? Or 60 percent plum and 40 percent apricot? And how is a pluot different from a plumcot? It’s complicated.” Head to his post for all the details. He also offers some links to other helpful pieces, including one from Pat Tanumhardja for NPR that notes that “The final fruit adopts the absolute best qualities from the plum and the apricot. With a higher sugar content than that of a plum or an apricot alone, both the pluot and the aprium are known for their sweetness and intense flavor.” Yum.


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