Just Coffee and Marc Maron’s WTF

Photo by charliekwalker via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

As I’ve mentioned umpteen times, J and I are diehard fans of Kickapoo Coffee. Still, I enjoyed this recent article for Isthmus, in which Jason Krause reports on the relationship between Madison’s Just Coffee and standup comic Marc Maron‘s WTF podcast:

Just Coffee has been working with Maron since 2009, when his career in comedy and radio had bottomed out. After several years of doing morning radio at the chaotic, left-leaning Air America radio network, he was demoted to producing a webcast from the lunchroom. He and on-air partner Sam Seder had no advertisers when [Just Coffee cofounder Mike] Moon emailed to say how much he liked the new show. In closing, he offhandedly suggested “some sort of sponsorship of your show — maybe we could even pay in coffee.”

Maron and Seder were thrilled. “We had a failing show a couple of people liked, and we couldn’t give away advertising if we tried,” says Maron. “We were mostly excited because he was sending us coffee.”

The full piece is an interesting and entertaining read, so check it out here.

Then, go catch Maron in the new indie movie Sleepwalk With Me, which J and I just saw with friends and liked a lot. If you think that’s not food related, you don’t know about the pizza pillow (spoiler alert)!


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