Women butchers find techniques and camraderie at Grrls Meat Camp

Impromptu Gascon Lunch

Photo by podchef (Neal Foley) via Flickr. (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Nina Barrett of WBEZ recently reported on a gathering of 16 current and would-be butchers north of Chicago. The occasion? Grrls Meat Camp. As event conceiver Kate Hill told Barrett,

To get together, to share experiences and learn, and you can see there’s a spirit of sharing and showing and telling what you do and how you do it, and that’s the premise of it. I wanted to keep it fun and light, and that’s why I called it Grrls Meat Camp, instead of something serious, like A Conference about Women and Meat.

Also featured in the piece is Kari Underly, author of The Art of Beef Cutting and winner of the online “Who’s Your Butcher?” video contest. It’s a nice piece, so check out the audio below or at the WBEZ website, where you can also find the text version of the story.


One comment

  1. Kate Hill

    Thanks for sharing the word about our latest gathering of women farmers, butchers, cooks and teachers at Grrls Meat Camp rendezvous. Any Grrls interested in knowing more can contact me at the email on my website. Thanks, Todd Ingram!

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