Come stout, come stout wherever you are

Photo by Mark McDermott via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

With winter setting in, I’ve decided to try some beers outside of my usual favorite Weiss biers, Flemish sour red ales, and the like. When Josh and I headed to Coopers Tavern recently for a Founders limited-release tap night, I really enjoyed the Breakfast Stout. This past weekend we stopped by Vintage on campus with some friends from out of town; the deliciously summery Hibiscus Saison was on the menu but (not surprisingly) no longer available, so I enjoyed their Scaredy Cat Oatmeal Stout instead.

Tonight I tried another coffee stout, this time from Hinterland of Green Bay, which I had on tap at Graze. The Luna Coffee Stout was super delicious and might be my new favorite winter brew. As Mark McDermott describes in his review at,

Out of the bottle, this beer pours black with the darkest brown head I can remember. The smell has the roasty malt of a stout, with some burnt marshmallow. Can’t pick out coffee in the nose, but it’s still a nice smell. The taste is full of the roasty goodness of a dry stout, with no touch of Guinness-style sourness to my buds…. Midway through the bottle, I found found the coffee, with bitterness at the edges of my tongue, then impressions of espresso on the middle…. This is a fine example of a beer matched with coffee, rather than overwhelming or being overwhelmed by it.

And here’s some of what Ryan of Guys Drinking Beer had to say:

The commercial description of this beer says it all. Honestly. It did pour an opaque black. I could almost shave using the reflection in the glass. It also produced a huge, tan head that billowed and bubbled before slowly fading away leaving gobs of sticky lacing on the glass. The nose gave off aromas reminiscent of walking in to a local coffee shop…. The flavors are dominated by subtle notes of coffee and espresso, freshly poured creamer and chocolate. The body of this beer is just about perfect; it’s not too heavy nor is it too watery. If you want a bold, in your face coffee stout then this isn’t for you. But if you want a well balanced stout that also happens to have a nice bit of coffee to it then this is right up your alley.

Yum. Just reading the reviews makes me want another one! Plus, I’m still jonesin’ a for coffee stout float with Sassy Cow vanilla ice cream. Soon, I promise … soon.


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