Bunny liberation

Camas Davis butchering a pig. Photo by Cooking Up A Story via Flickr (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

I recently listened to the podcast of a November episode of This American Life that included a segment (OK, an “act” for TAL diehards) titled “Rabbit Run. No, Really, Run!”

In it, Camas Davis, journalist and founder of the Portland Meat Collective, “tells a true story about a rabbit kidnapping that saves some rabbits’ lives, kills those same rabbits’ babies, and leaves students in a Portland rabbit-butchering class scratching their heads.”

If you’re rabidly pro-meat, vociferously vegan, or anywhere in between, it’s a story worth checking out here (for the autoplay version) or here (for the version where you must click the little arrow to start playing).

For more on Davis, head to the about page at the Portland Meat Collective’s website, the rest of which includes lots of interesting additional info as well.


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