The mindful eater: One conscientious omnivore’s journey

Lopez Island Artisan Beef

Photo by arnold | inuyaki (Arnold Gatilao) via Flickr (CC BY 2.0). The plate features pastured beef from Jones Family Farm on Lopez Island, which Jane mentions while describing the bounty of local foods available in greater Seattle.

Denise Sakaki recently had a nice post over at Honest Cooking. In it, she interviews a former vegetarian turned conscientious omnivore. As Sakaki describes in her introduction,

Like many people who have taken the time to carefully consider their dietary choices, Jane has been a vegetarian for several years, but recently, she made the decision to become an omnivore. It seems like an unusual decision, but her reasoning is heartfelt and educated, and potentially a sign that others are making similar choices, based on the movement towards improved farming practices. This person’s story is not an argument for or against certain dietary principles, it’s an intelligent viewpoint into being aware of how livestock are cared for, and how that affects our health of body and mind, as well as an inspiration for us all to consider feasting responsibly.

It’s a nice piece that captures one individual’s process of thinking through her beliefs about food that comes from animals. As Jane puts it herself,

My life up until now as a pescetarian, vegetarian and vegan helped me gain extensive knowledge about nutrition and cooking without the use of animal products. Having not had meat in the equation for so long allows me to stay away from the all too common mentality that a meal isn’t complete without meat. Meat is a privilege and a treat. I hope that as our society progresses, more and more people learn about where their food comes from and the importance of eating consciously.

Head here for the full piece.


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