Common Thread 2013: A first look at this year’s Madison Craft Beer Week

Thanks to Isthmus beer reviewer, Robin Shepard, we get our first look at the upcoming Madison Craft Beer Week (MCBW). As Shepard writes,

Madison Craft Beer Week is approaching, and local breweries are getting ready to toast its arrival. Over the [St. Patrick’s Day] weekend, 10 brewmasters, along with a few assistants and ingredient suppliers, joined together at Capital Brewery to create Common Thread — a beer made collaboratively for release during the May festivities.

The “week” actually spans 10 days, running from May 3-12. So far, about 75 different venues — restaurants, bars, breweries and brewpubs — are hosting more than 300 events. These include special tastings, releases of one-time-only brews, dinners pairing local brewers with some of the city’s finest chefs, and educational programs.

Common Thread is at the center of Madison Craft Beer Week. It was first brewed last year, with the inaugural style a “Wisconsin Common,” inspired by the California Common (Steam) beer made popular by Anchor Brewing of San Francisco. The 2012 Common Thread was a balanced session beer that was versatile with food.

For the details on this year’s collaborative brew, along with lots of handy links and a photo gallery, head to Shepard’s full article.

Finally, as we count down the days until Craft Beer Week 2013, check out two of my posts from last year’s events:


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