Stakeholders (steakholders?) convene for New England Meat Conference

Concord, New Hampshire recently played host to the inaugural New England Meat Conference. Here’s a bit of the description from their website:

The goal of the New England Meat Conference is to enhance the production, processing, and marketing of sustainable, nutritious, humanely-raised, and delicious meat from New England farms by providing educational and networking opportunities for meat producers, processors and consumers….

As the first conference ever to focus specifically on meat production in New England, it will bring together those involved in meat production from field to table, including farmers, processors, distributors, chefs, technical assistance providers, members of our state and federal governments, and many others.

I learned about the event from a nice post by Caroline Abels (of who was in attendance. She writes,

The first (and hopefully now annual) gathering of New England meat producers and processors was, as someone said, a fantastic “peek behind the curtain” at all the moving parts that make local meat happen. When we eat humanely raised meat, do we ever think of the guy who sells poultry processing equipment, the bookkeeper at the rendering plant, the slaughterhouse operator, the trucking distributor, the health inspector, the artisan butcher, the farm auditor, or the animal science researcher?  It truly takes a village to serve a steak, and members of this village were well represented at the conference.

For Abels’s full post, including great links and a brief video, head here. And, check out the conference’s website for PDFs of the slides from more than a dozen presentations, including “Producing and Marketing Heritage Breed Pigs” and “Raising Small Ruminants with an Eye to Finance and Sustainability.”


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