A celebration of pasture-raised chicken

Marin Sun Farms 82

Photo Sandrine Hahn [Nourishing Our Children] via Flickr, used under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Caroline Abels at Humaneitarian recently posted about Pastured Poultry Week, which takes place next week in Georgia and NYC. Like Abels, I don’t live near either of those places, but the week is worth celebrating nonetheless. She writes,

[Georgia] raises more chickens than any other — 1.4 billion a year – so before I became a humaneitarian I’m sure I ate a lot of this industrial export. Who knew the peach and peanut state is also the poultry state?

“Probably most Georgians don’t know that, either,” said Leah Garces when I called to ask her about Pastured Poultry Week, happening June 6-14 in Georgia and New York City. Leah is the director of the USA branch of Compassion in World Farming, a UK-based nonprofit….

Compassion in World Farming and a handful of other groups organized Pastured Poultry Week to draw attention to the imbalance in Georgia’s poultry production and possibilities for the future. “We want to be the number one producer of pastured poultry in the world,” Leah said, adding that she believes this is possible because a lot of farmland in Georgia isn’t being used. The goal of being number one may sound ambitious, but it starts with awareness events like PPW.

For more, check out Abels’ full post and the website of Compassion in World Farming. As CIWF suggests, “If you are not based in the Georgia or New York area, you can help to support pastured poultry by asking any restaurant that you dine in where their chicken meat comes from. To ensure higher welfare, only eat chicken meat that is raised on pasture.”


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