A new kind of restaurant

Image courtesy Grazin’ diner

Caroline Abels at the Humaneitarian blog had a great post recently in which she she visits

Grazin’, a diner in Columbia County, New York. The waitress beat me to [the topic of their animal products] — told me all I needed to know about the meat before I even glanced at the menu. And what she told me was heavenly: that all the protein served at the diner (meat, milk, cheese, and eggs) came from farms that are Animal Welfare Approved. This means all the farms providing the diner with animal products were certified by one of the country’s top humane certification organizations. AWA is the only humane certifier that requires the pasturing of animals, and Grazin’ is the first all-AWA restaurant.

For all the details, including photos, a review of the burgers, and a link to a great video profile of the restaurant, check out Abels’ full post.


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