Pigs go oink, farmers and chefs get ink

The important things.

A chef’s tattoo photographed at Cochon Heritage BBQ by Flickr user ilovememphis, used under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Lori Rotenberk has compiled a slideshow of flora- and fauna-themed tattoos on farmers, chefs, and others who spend their lives producing food for us.

If you think you’ll see nothing but mustached hipsters, you’d be wrong. Sure, there are some of those there (and why not?), and while everyone appears to be non-Hispanic whites, you will find folks of both genders and of all ages. I found the photos to be a nice reminder of the working-class history of body ink in the U.S. (“By the 1950s, tattooing had an established place in Western culture, but was generally viewed with disdain by the higher reaches of society,” reports PBS.) They also made me smile, and with a weekend about to get underway, that’s good enough for me.

Check out the slideshow, and Rotenberk’s brief but lovely intro, here.


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