A bit of food at the Wisconsin Book Festival

AmericanCraftBeerCookbook (533x600)The 2013 Wisconsin Book Festival gets underway tomorrow, and although it’s leaner than last year, there are still plenty of events to choose from. As Jeanne Kolker details for 77 Square,

If last year’s festival, with 140 events over five days, was a sweeping epic, consider this year’s fest more of an intricately plotted novella, with 50 events over four days.

“We wanted to streamline it so that people could get from one event to the next, come together and talk about what they saw,” said Conor Moran, the director of the Book Festival. Moran was hired earlier this year by the Madison Public Library Foundation to run the festival when it was handed over from the Wisconsin Humanities Council.

Kolker’s piece serves as a nice introduction to the festival, so check it out here, along with an overview of festival highlights from Stephanie Bedford.

Find the full schedule online, and if you’re in the Madison area, perhaps including one or more of the following events on your weekend schedule:


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