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A snapshot of the Civil Eats Kickstarter campaign as of 3 pm on Oct 17.

A snapshot of the Civil Eats Kickstarter campaign as of 2:57 pm CT on Oct 17.

I mentioned it in an earlier post, but it’s well worth giving it one more shout-out: The folks at Civil Eats are trying to raise $100K to support the fantastic work that they do. As they describe at Kickstarter,

Founded in January 2009, Civil Eats is a community resource that brings together over 100 contributors as active participants in the evolving “food movement” landscape–from Capitol Hill to Main Street.

Until now, Civil Eats has been entirely a labor of love. We have never paid ourselves, or any of our writers. Now, with your help, we’d like to take the site to the next level and make it more sustainable. If we don’t fund Civil Eats by the end of this year, it could be forced to shutter its doors.

We are seeking funding to shift Civil Eats from an all-volunteer effort to a professional enterprise in 2014 in order to produce more in-depth, original reporting and visually engaging content by paying our writers and editors a fair wage. This campaign will specifically help us create content over the next year.

In addition, funding will help us maintain our site in 2014 so that we can continue to produce some of the most groundbreaking and informative news on food today.

As of this writing, backers have pledged more than 80% of the goal. But, in keeping with the Kickstarter model, this is an all-or-none proposition, and the “project will only be funded if at least $100,000 is pledged by Friday Oct 18, 7:51pm EDT.”

So, I encourage you to head to head to Kickstarter right now and make a pledge in whatever amount you can afford. I sincerely hope they make their goal. I wouldn’t mind getting that tote bag thank-you gift for my pledge, but more than anything, I really would love for Civil Eats to flourish. Please contribute if you can, and help spread the word!


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