Kickapoo Coffee keeps on growing

Des Moines Farmers Market - Mars Cafe/Kickapoo Coffee Roasters

Photo by Flickr user Seth Reineke, used under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 2.0)

As I’ve mentioned countless times before, Kickapoo Coffee is the house brew here at Chez TCOmnivore. Organic, fair-trade, perfectly roasted in small batches right here in Wisconsin … what’s not to love?

So, I was glad to learn that they’ve gotten a little room to stretch their wings. According to their Facebook page, they roasted their last batch of beans at the old Viroqua train depot on September 25, and roasted their first batch in Viroqua’s Food Enterprise Center five days later. (The move was supported by the Vernon Economic Development Corporation (VEDA), which fosters economic development in Vernon County in Wisconsin’s Driftless Region.) As Nick Brown details,

The new facility, representing massive square-footage upgrade from 1,500 to 5,200, was custom designed for the Kickapoo team, which is now roasting about 3,800 pounds per week under 18-foot ceilings. ”We were hurting for space,” Kickapoo Co-Owner Caleb Nicholes told Daily Coffee News. “We had been in the same location for the last 6-plus years, which was a very small, albeit cute, historic train depot.”

Check out Brown’s post for some lovely photos of the new space.

In other news, Urban Outfitters—that “overpriced fauxhemian retailer“—just opened its first coffee bar inside its Midtown Manhattan store. What coffee are they serving? Amazingly enough, Kickapoo’s! If these adorable Kickopoovians are any indication, it seems like a pairing that will work just fine.


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