Turning spent beer grain into granola bars and more

Holly Richmond at Grist (and Nicole Wakelin at That’s Nedalicious) recently posted about a small company that’s turning beer-making byproducts into a non-liquid form of nutrition. As Richmond details,

Up to 90 percent of beer ingredients are wasted (and not the good kind of “wasted”). So ReGrained is making some of that spent beer grain into beer-flavored, nonalcoholic granola bars….

The San Francisco-based company adds local ingredients — such as Ghirardelli Chocolate, NOM — and the end result is Chocolate Coffee Stout or Honey Almond IPA bars. Which sound pretty amazing, surprisingly.

You can order your own from the ReGrained website.

As Nick Carbone reported earlier this year for Time, Alaskan Brewing Company has found another use for their spent grain:

Brewers across the world ship their grain to farms for use as animal feed, but there’s not a large market for it in Alaska, given the state’s small agricultural industry. What’s more, Alaska’s capital is only accessible via sea or air, making it prohibitively expensive to ship the spent grain out of town….

Alaskan’s solution?

The brewery installed a $1.8 million boiler last year that takes the mashed-up, waterlogged grain – the primary waste product from its brewing operations – and uses it to create steam in order to keep its kettles cooking.

Check out the full story here.

Spent grain

Photo of spent beer grain by Flickr user Jinx!, used under a Creative Commons License (BY-SA 2.0)


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