Locavore bloody marys come to Marigold Kitchen

Breakfast at Marigold Kitchen

The only thing missing from this Marigold Kitchen breakfast? The bloody mary! Photo by Flickr user Mark Danielson [mrbula], used under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC 2.0)

The fall issue of the REAP Reporter features a cool article about Marigold Kitchen‘s latest effort to serve its customers delicious produce from local farms. As the article describes,

Marigold doesn’t have the capacity to process and store enough tomatoes in-house, but Marigold Director of Operations Sam Mack hoped there might be a farmer nearby who could provide [tomato juice] for them. After a bit of research, [REAP’s Buy Fresh Buy Local Program Manager] Theresa [Feiner] successfully connected Marigold with Happy Valley Farms in Black Earth, 20 miles west of Madison.

Last fall, Happy Valley owner Kevin Lucey had an abundance of Mountain Fresh Plus tomato seconds – not quite good enough for retail, but perfect for processing or cooking. With this in mind, Kevin approached the Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen, a shared commercial kitchen located in Mineral Point. Wisconsin Innovation Kitchen worked with Happy Valley Farms to prepare, process, and package the tomato seconds into vibrant, flavorful, ready-to-sell tomato juice. When REAP made the connection between Happy Valley and Marigold, it was win-win solution for the grower and the restaurant. Marigold Kitchen is proud to feature Happy Valley’s tomato juice in their bloody marys and hopes to continue this relationship.

You can find the full article and other locavore news from South-Central Wisconsin in the current REAP newsletter [PDF].


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