Distillery cats save the day (and the grain)

Passed Out

Snoozing cat at the Woodford Reserve bourbon distillery in Kentucky photographed by Flickr user Megan [creative victuals]. Photo used under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

I just discovered Punch, which you may recall provided the material for yesterday’s post. A unique story featured on their banner caught my eye, in which Brad Thomas Parsons considers the history of distillery cats. As he explains,

the distillery cat holds a special place among the feline workforce. A well-rounded distillery cat possesses the heart (and claws) of a cold-blooded hunter with a mix of bodega cat street smarts and the rafters-climbing sense of adventure of his country cousin, the barn cat, with the affable people-person skills of the bookstore cat.

The tradition of the distillery cat has likely been around since man has been making booze. Where you find barley, wheat and rye, you’ll find mice, rats and birds eager to dip in. While distillery cats are in service around the world, Scotland and Ireland continue to have some of the more storied cats (with cheeky names like Whiskey, Peat and Barley) on the payroll.

Head here for the full article, plus photos of several cats on the job.


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