Help Wisco Pop start bottling (and get some swag!)

Screen capture from the Wisco Pop Kickstarter page.

Screen capture from the Wisco Pop Kickstarter page.

Just last week I mentioned efforts to raise money for an aquaponics farm that will employ persons on the autism spectrum. This followed my post earlier this fall about the Civil Eats campaign. Although I don’t intend to make a habit of posting about fundraisers like these, I couldn’t resist promoting one more, this time from a small business in southern Wisconsin.

The folks at Wisco Pop produce no-artificial junk, sweet-but-not-cloying sodas in delicious flavors like Ginger Brew and Cherry Bomb. You can currently find their pop being poured at a range of places in Madison, La Crosse, and Viroqua. (See this list on their Facebook page.)

Now, they are hoping to take the next step and begin bottling their bubbly brews. If you’d like to help out, you can contribute via Kickstarter. As they describe,

We are Wisco Pop: Austin, Hallie and Zac. We have a love for our community, small family farms, children, and wholesome food.  We started brewing soda commercially in 2012 as a way to express our beverage obsession.  Currently, our delicious sodas are available in 5 gallon kegs or 2.5  gallon dispensers.  Many people crave our healthful refreshments to enjoy at home… and that’s where you come in…

To check out the details, including a video and the rewards for contributing, head here.

For more on Wisco Pop, check out coverage in the local press from Lindsay Christians for 77 Square and from Amy Verhey for Isthmus.


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