Southern Wisconsin brews to watch for in 2014

Vintage Brewing Co.'s Jinja Ninja

Vintage Brewing Co.’s Jinja Ninja (foreground). Photo by The Conscientious Omnivore (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)

Isthmus beer reviewer Robin Shepard recently offered a look at the year ahead, providing a list of 14 anticipated beers from southern Wisconsin breweries. It’s a wide-ranging survey of some of the folks making fine beer here and some of the styles we’re lucky to explore. Among them? A new version of Vintage’s Jinja Ninja, which I have previously enjoyed in its standard incarnation. The new spin?

This batch of spelt-based ginger-spiced beer will be aged for about eight months in a Cabernet barrel. Spelt, a grain similar to wheat, has a deep nutty flavor. The Cabernet barrel-aging is a fun twist that should lend sweeter fruitiness to complement the ginger. A release date hasn’t been set.

Others include Common Funk, jointly produced by the Grumpy Troll and Sweet Mullets, and an intriguing set of collaborations spearheaded by Sierra Nevada with multiple breweries, one of which is our own New Glarus Brewing Company.

For the details, all the beers, and links, head here.


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