Jon Stewart shreds Velveeta “shortage”

Photo by Flickr user Jared Klett, used under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

If you’re lucky, you’ve managed to avoid the ridiculous media coverage of a purported shortage of Velveeta that threatens to destroy Super Bowl parties everywhere. If you haven’t, The Daily Show calls out this marketing BS with characteristic flair. On the heels of footage of a reporter stating that 11 of 12 grocery stores he visited did, in fact, have Velveeta on their shelves, Jon Stewart has this to say:

But wait a minute. I know what you’re saying, that this [supposed shortage] isn’t real. Are you implying that the makers of Velveeta would attempt to pass off as real some sort of blatantly artificial, clearly unnatural synthetic creation? You, sir, clearly don’t know Velveeta.

Stewart then goes on the skewer coverage of a virus affecting hundreds of pork production facilities, and that half of the segment is even better. (Wait for Stewart to shout, “Look at it!”)

Check out the segment yourself at Comedy Central or on Hulu.


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