Collicello Gardens: An experiment in small-scale, urban farming

Sam Frere and Dan Warren. Photo via Modern Farmer

Andrew Jenner recently wrote about a couple undergraduates and their first foray into farming (in the lot of the rental they lived in as roommates). As he writes for Modern Farmer,

In the spring of 2012, two students at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, surprised their landlord with an unusual request from a pair of college kids. Sam Frere and Dan Warren lived in one of those sprawling old houses converted to a college rental, and they’d come up with a plan to turn up every last bit of its front, back and side yards into a farm.

When their landlord OK’d the idea, they moved ahead full-throttle with their scheme. Before long, the bedraggled patch of grass out front erupted into a forest of sunflowers, kale, basil and melons. Around the side, their tomatoes went berserk on a regimen of vermicompost that Frere and Warren harvested from their worm colony in the basement. They had onions, carrots, pole beans, squash and much, much more, with big ambitions to match. The two had bonded as freshmen over an intense interest in innovative horticulture and planned to earn full-time livings farming less than a tenth of an acre.

It’s a thoughtful piece that’s well worth a read. Check out the full post here.


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