Home-cooked meals, CSA style


One of the two dishes on last week’s menu: grilled pizza with roasted potato, kale, leek & 3 cheeses. Photo and description via the website of 608 Community Supported Kitchen.

Linda Falkenstein recently profiled an interesting business operating here in the Madison area. As she describes,

Let’s say you’re coming home from work and you’re frazzled — it’s late and although you have plenty of food in the fridge, you have no energy to cook. So you pop a frozen pizza in the oven or stop at the local take-out joint, and your vows to eat more vegetables and whole grains, and to support local farmers, are down the drain for the day. Sound familiar?

Enter 608 Community Supported Kitchen, a meal-delivery service. Subscribers have two freshly-made meals a week delivered to their door with instructions for re-heating. Food is sourced from local farms and markets; meat primarily from Black Earth Meats.

Chef Benjamin Lubchansky and his wife Kate run the business out of their home in Mazomanie, which includes a certified kitchen. For the full story, including links, head here.


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