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Sunday cooking: the 9/11/2011 edition

Since we’ve gotten into cooking regularly, J. and I usually pick a few meals we can cook on Sunday so that we can eat leftovers during the week. This is because we usually head to gym after the workday, so by the time we get home it’s 8 pm, and we’re too ravenous to cook then. So, we try to select recipes that will still be good over the next several days.

With summer running out, this week we wanted to take advantage of the local organic cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes that are still available. I made a big batch of gazpacho using a recipe from The New Best Recipe (from the Cook’s Illustrated folks). The tomatoes were super flavorful and juicy, so I’m hopeful it will be as successful as the batch we made a few weeks ago. One of the best suggestions in the recipe to is to drizzle a little EVOO over the top of each bowl upon serving; if you’ll pardon my sounding like a wine snob for a second, it really enhances the mouthfeel of the soup, giving it an extra silkines.

J. made a baked tofu dish we haven’t tried before; he wasn’t happy with the instructions and results (how is the tofu supposed to get crispy when you pour all that liquid over it?), but it looks like it’s going to be yummy anyway. Tonight we’re planning to have Jordandal Farms chorizo that I mentioned the other day, which we’ll serve on Pretzilla pretzel rolls from Miller Baking Co. in Milwaukee; we’ll also make Brussels sprouts (not local) that we’ll toss in EVOO and oven roast, and we’ll probably slice up a local, organic green zebra tomato that we’ll top with EVOO and a little balsamic vinegar.

For lunch we made cornmeal pancakes with a recipe from Bob’s Red Mill. We’re halfheartedly following the blood-type diet (more on that some other day), so we substituted spelt flour for the white flour, since we’re both supposed to avoid regular wheat. (Yes, I know the pretzel rolls have wheat; I said we were halfheartedly adhering to this!) I use a ¼-cup measuring cup, which is already dirty from the pancake recipe, to scoop out batter for each cake — it yields nice, medium-sized, easily-flipped pancakes, about a baker’s dozen when all is said and done. Today we topped them with organic raspberries (the sign said local, the package said otherwise) and our favorite syrup, Kickapoo Gold organic maple syrup made right here in Wisconsin. (I bought Grade A dark amber this time.) The picture shows the first pancakes to come off the griddle, which are always the worst. I’m getting better at flipping, and I get better over the course of each batch, but these were a little beat up. Easy-going, good guy that he is, J. happily volunteered to eat the less-pretty ones. He gets credit for the photo and the artful arranging of the raspberries.