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Cesar’s Cheese

Heydi and Cesar Luis of Cesar’s Cheese. Photo via Outpost Natural Foods.

After the “Customer Comments” section (which I absolutely adore), I think my favorite part of the Willy Street Co-op newsletter is the producer profiles.

This month the Willy Street Co-op Reader features Cesar’s Cheese, which turns local Sassy Cow milk into wondrous cheeses like Queso Oaxaca, Manchego, and Queso Fresco right on the farm. Check out the full article, which includes details about when you can watch Cesar and Heydi Luis work their magic.

For more, check out posts from Jeanne Carpenter at the Cheese Underground blog, including this really great one (with photos, too!) in which Jeanne and her daughter get a hands-on cheese-making experience with Cesar himself.